Where is Zoom going?

My 5 month travel route

5 countries total! Click here for my itinerary! If you’re curious how much this is costing me, you can look at my budget too! (China not pictured, it’s just a layover.  I am taking advantage of their 72 hour visa free visit rule though. I’ll be leaving the airport and checking out the forbidden city then coming back for my flight home).

Why Asia? 

I’m a long time lover of Asian culture. Thai food, Vietnamese sandwiches, anime, sushi, the temples, Buddhism…the list goes on. One of the things I love most about San Francisco is the Asian influence.

I’m not the type of person who just wants to vacation somewhere. I have said my whole life “I want to live like a local”. I want to see how different cultures live, what they value and how they find joy. I think Asian culture is a good start for a few reasons. It’s easy to get to from San Francisco (where I’ll be in April). The USD goes a long way there – one USD is equal to about 35 Thai Baht. This should allow me to be there long enough that I’m able to experience day to day life.

There is also a big backpacking culture throughout Southeast Asia, so there are many paths and travelers who have gone before me. That means there is a lot of information out there already for me to help set me up for success!

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Let’s go! 

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