Side Walk Talk

The coolest thing I’ve seen in San Francisco so far!

This post is a bit shorter than most, but I felt that this particular experience deserved a special call out.

Since quitting my job, I’ve been in San Francisco a little less than a week so far! I spent the day out exploring the city, which is an absolute pleasure – more on that later. I’m not really sure which direction I went (I told you I’d get lost), but I managed to get home okay and that’s what matters!

Walking down the side walk I heard a voice saying “Who pisses you off? What’s bothering you? Let’s talk about it.” Looking in her direction, I saw pairs of people sitting across from one another in lawn chairs, talking. I had to check it out.


We chatted for a bit about the #SideWalkTalk project. Their mission is to offer no fee counseling services for those that can’t afford them. As someone who could have used a service like this a few years ago (and still?), I mentioned that I was from Chicago and that it would be great to have this back home. She happily said “oh, you can!” and pulled out some information directing me to a DIY Kit for your own city.

It turns out that Chicago already has Side Walk Talk! Friends , if you could use some love and support please check out Side Walk Talk. Once (if) I end up getting settled, this is definitely something I would want to get involved in.

Mental and emotional health are both aspects of our being that are often neglected. Not only by society and the lack of resources and education as a whole, but on a personal level as well. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves other than the occasional salad or taking the stairs. Alright, maybe I’m projecting there, but I still think it’s a true statement to say: We could all take better care of our mental and emotional well-being.

I’ve struggled with depression myself, and anxiety is an ongoing battle for me. I have many people in my life who have been effected with either (or both) mental and emotional issues that could benefit from a service like this. What they are doing is amazing and needed!

I was incredibly inspired by Side Walk Talks and their mission and wanted to share it with you. If you need someone to talk to, I would encourage you to look for a Side Walk Talk in your area or to call one of the hotlines listed on the back of the card pictured above.

You’re not alone and you’re not broken.

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xoxo ❤


5 thoughts on “Side Walk Talk

      1. Chelsea

        Yeah, that’d be really cool. It’s a great idea, sounds very helpful. Sometimes all people need is an unbiased party they can vent to.


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